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About Us

What is Homemade Foods?

Prepared by us - cooked by you. We will deliver you a set of products that are exactly the quantity needed for the cooking of a one-person dinner meal. The products will be bought, prepared and cut by us at the day of the delivery.

What do we do?

At the end of each week we share with you the next weekly menu. You can make your order in adance or until 11:00 at the day of delivery. We will make the delivery to your office by the end of your working day. All the prices in the site are with delivery included. 

Спанак с ориз и яйца

How does one recipe look like?

Homemade Foods chooses only unique and delicious recipes. In each box you will find step-by-step recipe, so you can turn the prepared products into something magical. 

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Every week choose from over 25 new recipes for every taste.


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Follow our simple instructions and enjoy your meal!


You receive your box at the end of the workday

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